What You Need To Know About Swaddling?

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Should you swaddle your baby? This is the question on most mothers’ minds. Swaddling is the first experience for the baby soon after being born. Just like most other things in parenting, swaddling has its benefits and risks. Some parents will encourage swaddling while others will highly discourage it. In this post, we will help you decide whether to swaddle or not.

What is swaddling?
This is a technique of wrapping babies with their arms restricted from movement while giving legs room to move with ease. Babies are swaddled minutes after birth to keep them warm and calm as they are welcomed into the world. Whether to continue swaddling your little one after leaving the hospital is a personal choice. Swaddling must be done right for your baby’s safety. In fact, it might take a few tried before getting it right.

Why do people swaddle babies?
Swaddling is used to keep babies comfortable, happy, and to put them to sleep. Newborns have a hard time sleeping and anything them puts them to sleep and allows the parents to enjoy some sleep is a good idea. The same reflex you feel as you drift away to sleep is the same thing that prevents your baby from falling asleep or waking them. Swaddling is used to keep them warm and restrict their movement thus helping put them to sleep.

Why and when to swaddle
Swaddling keeps your baby comfortable and tops the reason why you should consider swaddling your baby. Wrapping them a few weeks after birth helps keep them warm as the body learns how to adjust its temperature. Swaddling is also used to put babies to sleep. Swaddling is not recommended until they are two months old or as soon as they learn how to roll over. Remember to ensure that they sleep on their back whenever swaddled.

Where swaddled babies sleep?
After safely swaddling your wee one, where should you put them to sleep? It is recommended that they should be placed on their back in a crib or a bassinet without any loose bedding and stuffed animals. If you choose to co-sleep, you need to reconsider swaddling since your body temperature and the bedding could cause overheating and the risk of suffocation. Never placed a swaddled baby on their stomach.

Once you leave the hospital, you will be required to choose your swaddling blanket. The ideal blanket should do be thing enough to be wrapped and tucked with ease around the infant. Thick blankets tend to come loose thus posing the risk of suffocation. Thick are commonly made using synthetic materials that must be avoided at all cost since they are known to cause overheating.

Go for natural materials such as cotton and muslin, which are easy to warp, and are breathable. Alternatively, you can go for swaddling blankets featuring Velcro and zippers designed to make swaddling easy and safe. Keep in mind that improper swaddling contributes to a high number of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome especially when babies sleep on their stomach.

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