What You Need To Know About Pumping Breast Milk?

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Breastfeeding is without a doubt the best way to feed your little one. However, getting your baby latched on is not always easy. There are tons of situations that may require moms to pump the breast milk for her baby. Learning how to pump breast milk is not easy and in most cases, you may have to seek advice on how to best do it.

When to pump breast milk
Unlike what most people think, breast pumps are not only meant for working mothers. In fact, there are several reasons why you should consider pumping breast milk from your home. To begin with, most facilities are not designed to accommodate nursing mother and as such, pumping is the only option. Another reason why you should consider pump breast is if you are dealing with health issues or on strong medication that can pass in breast milk.

Find the best types of breast pumps
When choosing a breast pump, you will be required to choose from manual pump, hand pumps, and electric pumps. Both manual and electric pumps are available in different variations and require understanding their working for best results. Hand pumps might be cheap but are extremely frustrating to master. Manual variation is not only cheaper and lighter, but also portable. However, they are not easy and fast to use and may therefore not be the best option.

Getting ready for pumping
Before commencing on pumping breast milk, it is important to understand the ins and out of the pump. It takes patience and coordination to get thing running smoothly. In some cases, the breast may not be the best fit for your breast, especially how it sits on the nipple. Pumping breast milk should not be comfortable or painful.

Keep the pump clean
Pumping breast milk demands exercising utmost cleanliness. Do not borrow or use a second hand breast pump since bacteria and viruses might be present on the pump as well as leftovers from the previous user. Thoroughly wash the pump and the breast before pumping the breast milk.

Find the best time
Timing is important when pumping breast milk. Experts recommending pumping after the baby are about 2 to 3 weeks old when the milk is well established. However, there are instance that demand pumping to start right away. For most mothers, plenty of milk making it the ideal time for pumping breast milk characterize mornings.

Schedule your pumping sessions
If you need to pump regularly, establishing a schedule is certainly a smart idea. You need to be as flexible as necessary. Pumping the same time every day will help maintain a consistent supply. Take advantage of the morning hours when the supply tends to by high.

Pump at work
If you must get to work, start pumping breast milk about 2 or 3 weeks in advance. Most mothers will however pump on demand when at home. Ask your employer to provide you with a private room and adequate time to pump.

When to dump?
There are times when you have to dispose of the milk. You might be forced to pump for relief, but with no mean to save the expressed milk. You might also be on heavy medication that makes the breast milk unsafe for the baby. Knowing when to dump is as important as known when to pump.

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