What is White Noise and how can it help your Baby sleep?

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Sleep will be just a dream word for parents with a newborn infant. A mother will have to be alert every now and then for the feeding phase. Even after that, the baby may experience trouble falling asleep. Paediatricians have recommended warm baths and other related activities to help babies sleep better. The sound of calming and soothing music may also help. When nothing works for you, you can turn to a good alternative provided by white noise machines.

What is white noise?

White noise is specially recorded music for infants and it may include a compilation of sounds that range from a mother’s heartbeat to the sound of a fan running softly; it may also include sounds of other children or a vacuum cleaner. White noise is made up of background sounds such as these that help calm and soothe your baby’s nerves. These sounds actually would be similar to what the baby has been accustomed to hearing when he or she was in the mother’s womb. The white noise creation is the brainwave of Dr. Harvey Karp, a child psychologist. He feels that the white noise compilation helps the parents to simulate an environment for their babies that represents a `walking uterus’ in the first few months so that the babies find it easy to adjust slowly to the sounds of the external world.

Some white noise machines are playing out instrumental lullabies. These are technically sounds that contain all frequencies within the human hearing range and they are distributed in equal volumes. White noise sounds will also emulate radio static or television sounds and may include background sounds resembling those of washing machines, fans or running water.

How does the white noise help in soothing the babies’ nerves?

Contrary to what mothers would think, noises of the external world can actually calm their babies down, particularly at the night time. After spending many months in a mother’s womb, the babies could experience stress and may get tired soon with unfamiliar sounds and sights. This may lead to colic and constant crying.

As per Dr. Harvey Karp, babies are accustomed to the whoosh sound of blood that rushes through the mother’s placenta and that is sometimes even noisier than a fan or a vacuum cleaner. Such sounds may turn on their calming reflex and help them in drifting into sleep. Mothers often wonder about how the sounds of hair driers or noises during a car ride help their babies in falling asleep faster.

Keep the white noise influence to its minimum

Mothers would be able to access white noise through compact discs or smart phone apps. They have to make sure that they do not overdo the white noise bit for putting their babies to sleep. Excessive use could harm the sensitive hearing capacities of babies. Mothers have to be careful about how much they are using these white noise sounds and at what volume. The advantageous thing about compact discs is that they can even be carried on journeys or when mothers visit their relations. Mothers have to make sure that their babies have not become addicted to these white noises.

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