Tummy Time and Back Lying Exercises for Baby’s Development

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Your baby’s development will follow are set trajectory that includes lying and playing on their back and tummy to rolling, sitting, crawling, and ultimately walking upright. Here are some fun ideas for tummy time and back lying for your baby:

Tummy time
- While comfortably leaning can in a chair, hold your baby on your chest so that he is lying on her tummy with her eye focusing on you. Encourage your baby to lift the head and push up on her arms by keeping a smiling face and talking to her softly. As the shoulders become stronger, lie back a bit further to allow her to fight gravity.

- Lay your baby on your lap while placing a pillow under the chest. This is a great way to facilitate winding and encouraging them to lift their head. Having other older babies around will help encourage your baby to maintain this position a bit longer.

- Lay your baby on a clean surface with a rolled up towel under their chest to provide maximum support while making this position less challenging. Use a textured activity mat, mirror, or their favorite toy is a great way to encourage your baby to push up using their forearms, ultimately building their endurance.

- After 6 months, most babies spend much of their time swiping and trying to reach different objects. To encourage this behavior, you can place your little on the floor on their tummy where they can enjoy reaching and swiping at different objects for fun.

- If your baby does not like lying on her tummy, avoiding this position is not the solution. Instead, practice for short periods and more frequently. For example, you can roll her onto her tummy when changing her diapers and make fun to keep her distracted.

Back lying fun activities
- While sitting on the floor with your back against the wall or couch, lift your knees up and place your baby on her back with the head against your knees. Play with her kissing her little hands, clapping, touching against different objects such as your clothing, her hair or tummy. You can also play with the feet to encourage the sensory and body awareness.
- Lay your baby on a clean surface on their back. This will help her to try to reach up for your face or other objects. This also boosts the midline control of their head and eye-hand coordination.
- If your baby is more than 4 months old, you can place her on her back on the floor. Attach as tattle to her feet to encourage her to lift it off the ground trying to reach for the object.
- While on her back on the bed, give her some object to kick around. You can have such objects attached to her cot.
- When changing her diapers, remember to gently massage her feet and legs and encourage her to take hold of her feet in her hands.

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