Top 6 Home Remedies to treat Diaper Rash

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It is painful for mothers to see their babies suffering from diaper rash. This is a common affliction among children that mothers have to deal with. The diaper rash will show signs of redness that gets developed as a result of inflamed skin due to the diaper’s material and excessive use.

The covered area is not able to breathe easy as the diaper is on, all the time. Diaper rash may also be caused by change in diet for the baby and the breastfeeding mother. Baby wipes, chemicals in lotions, soaps and not changing diaper for a long period may also result in a rash. Be wary of what creams, shampoos, lotions or detergents you are using for your child. They may not suit him or her. Diapers of a particular make or brand could cause allergy to some children, resulting in a rash.

Here are some proven home remedies that help in the treatment of a diaper rash –

Coconut Oil – The anti-fungal and moisturizing properties of coconut oil make it a preferred natural remedy for treating diaper rash. Coconut oil has to be applied on the bottom of your baby every time the diaper is changed. You will have to allow the oil to soak into the skin, completely.

Vinegar – Its acidic properties will help cure a diaper rash. The bacteria that cause a rash are alkaline in their nature. Vinegar helps fight that. Use a soft cloth and dip it in the vinegar solution before wiping on the affected areas. One and a half cups of vinegar could be added to half a bucket of water to prepare the solution.

Olive Oil – Its moisturizing properties give out a soothing effect to the baby’s skin and cure a diaper rash quite effectively. A couple of teaspoons of olive oil could be mixed in a teaspoon of water. It has to be applied on the rash area.

Oatmeal – This is a natural and economical way of treating a diaper rash as oatmeal is very rich in protein. Giving an oatmeal bath will soothe your baby’s skin. You will have to grind three-fourths of a cup full of oatmeal and make it into a powder. This powder has added to lukewarm water before bath. Let the baby’s affected skin soak in that water for fifteen minutes.

Aloe Vera – This is a great remedy for all kinds of skin ailments and rashes. Apply Aloe Vera in gel form to the affected skin area.

Tea Bags – They can help cure a diaper rash within a matter of hours. Put about four tea bags in your baby’s diaper. Tea bags will help release chemicals when they come in contact with the urine in the diaper. This helps the child in getting relief from the diaper rash.

For these home remedies to be effective, you have to make sure that you keep the child’s bottom clean. The diaper area has to be regularly cleaned with warm water and it should dry out, completely. The diaper has to be changed as soon as it is wet. Soft washcloths can be used to clean instead of those commercial wipes. It is very important to remember that breastfeeding is necessary as the baby will have lesser chance of suffering from rashes when you breast feed. A few drops of breast milk may also be applied on the infected rash area and then allowed to dry before putting on the diaper.

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