Tips on raising twins

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When the twins arrive, many couples will be caught off guard when they try to meet the demands of caring for not one but two babies. Many parents simply do not have a clue of how they should face the music. Twins have to be fed every couple of hours and this has to happen round the clock. While they are napping, mothers still would have to do that pending laundry or prepare their bottles.

There is hardly any question of taking rest along with the twins. Parents would also have to wonder on how they will have to juggle the needs of the entire family. There would hardly be any time left to cuddle and get to know the twins. You have to remember that you have to take extra good care of your twins as they would most likely be weak after a premature birth.

There are ways to make this work and survive while remaining sane all the time

Be mentally and physically prepared for the extensive work out – There is no way parents can escape a full workout after the arrival of twins. Kids like to be held at all times. So, when you put one down, be prepared to pick up the other one. Carrying them, one at a time or together, is likely to rip your arms but you may get some good cardio exercise doing that or while you chase them down a sidewalk.

Prepare schedules for your twins – It is smarter to put both your babies on a rigid schedule. From the minute they come home from the hospital, you have to place them on a sleeping and eating schedule. When one will wake up for nursing, you will have to get the other one up also. A bedtime routine has to be created for both babies along with some sleep training. If you do not do this, then you may have to stay awake twenty-four hours and you will collapse sooner than later.

Be patient with their crying – You will have to allow them to cry and bear that as there is no way you can escape this fact. It is perhaps the toughest things for mothers to deal with but they will have to go through this ordeal if they want to give their hundred per cent to the twins. Even if there is just one of you, you will have to patiently go through those situations when both babies would like a bottle or both need to be held by you at the same time. One simple miss and you will have to face them, crying.

Do only what your body is able to handle – You cannot be overactive all the time. You cannot take your twins to the playground and let them play around the amusement parks and also take them the same day to the supermarket.

Welcome the relationship between the twins and do not try to compare them or separate them – It may be exhausting to bring up your twins but respect and accept that experience. You have to remember that your twins shared your womb as their mother and now they are sharing their lives with you. Experience every aspect of their development. Let them hold their hands as they walk and allow them to nap with their arms entwined around each other. Do not separate them and do not compare them.

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