Tips for Postpartum Weight Loss after C-Section

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Carrying a baby for nine months is an experience like no other for every woman. Although it is the wish for many to deliver the natural way, C-section is fast becoming a preferred option among soon to be mothers. Unfortunately, weight loss after C-section is tougher that after a natural birth. If you are considering or have undergone a C-section, here are a few weight loss tips for you.

1. Be patient
If you are looking for a magic solution for your weight problem, brace yourself for disappointment. It is normal to want to shed the post-partum weight fast and get your old body-shape back. Do not be in a rush! Exercising and stressing your body before fully healing will do more harm than good. While this will certainly not help in weight loss, it could result in internal bleeding among other issues.

2. Have a positive mind
Just because you can no longer engage in abdominal workouts after caesarean section does not mean that you will never regain your shape. It is okay to feel melancholy and unable to stand the person in the mirror.

Besides exercising patience, you must never give up. Weight loss after C-section is possible with a few simple exercises and sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Have a positive outlook if you are serious about getting a flat stomach once more.

3. Embrace Yoga
Yoga is the best weight loss technique after a C-section delivery. Start yoga asanas instead of intense workouts to firm and tone abdominal muscles. Start pranayama today, which is known to help tighten abdominal muscles and firm the flabby tummy.

4. Invest in an abdominal belt
Get a quality post-partum weight loss belt. Although it is likely to feel quite uncomfortable, wearing it all the time, except when enjoying your meals, sleeping, bathing, or using the washroom will make a huge difference. Although this sounds annoying, the results are worth it.

5. Keep Breastfeeding your newborn
It is pivotal that you breastfeed your baby for at least 6 months after the C-section delivery. While this is extremely beneficial for the baby, it is also an effective post-partum weight loss technique. Breastfeeding will help eliminate the excess fat in your body.

6. Avoid Fats
Avoid fats if you are serious about post-partum weight loss. Since you are breastfeeding, your diet should include plenty of carbs not only for the energy, but also to help you lactate properly. Do not forgo your carbs. Include fresh foods and vegetables in your diet while avoiding, butter, sweets, and ghee.

7. Drink water
Make drinking water a habit, even if it means endless visits to the washroom. Water helps to flush out toxins from the body while at the same time preventing water retention. In addition to eliminating the toxins, it also flushes out fats from your body. Drink as much water as you can to lose the extra pounds.

Weight loss after C-section deliver might be challenging, but not impossible if you know how to go about it.

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