The Pros and Cons of Using a Pacifier

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This is a common point of argument between parents that starts way before the baby is born. Should the baby be given a pacifier? Of course, there are those who say yes and those who are seriously against it. On the other hand, there are those who are undecided. Weighing the benefits versus the cons of using a pacifier will help settle this debate once and for all. It pays to do a thorough research in order to make an informed decision that you will be happy with.

Parents who propose a pacifier
Most parents who buy pacifiers even before the birth of the child are in most cases second tome parents who appreciate the value of a pacifier for their baby. Parents who have researched enough to know they need a pacifier are also likely to buy one for their baby. Some of the reasons why this group is likely to get a pacifier include:

- Pacifiers are effective in soothing a distressed or tired baby
- It helps to calm and soothe a baby with colic or trapped air
- It is used to soothe a baby between feeds
- A pacifier helps to soothe a baby with reflux
- It works for babies with intense sucking reflex

These mothers are also likely to suggest that pacifiers helps secure a few more minutes before turning their attention to the baby. This point is especially important when driving and unable to comfort your baby. This is not the same as neglecting the baby. Instead, it simply about giving her a different source of comfort while waiting for your undivided attention.

Numerous studies have proved that using pacifiers helps to prevent SIDS. This is one point that most parents cannot afford to ignore. Besides keeping your baby comfortable, pacifiers also help babies sleep faster and protected.

Parents against pacifiers
Just like in everything else, there is always a contradicting view. When it comes to pacifiers, there are parents who would rather not consider one. Some common arguments against the use of pacifiers include:

- Nipple confusion: some babies have a hard time sucking on a teat while other parents say pacifiers affect feeding.
- Missed feeds: It is common for some babies to find comfort from the pacifier during feed time. Consequently, feeding schedules are likely to be mixed up.
- Difficulties in weaning: Some parents are of the thought that getting rid of the pacifier could be a nightmare.

Which way to go
Making decisions when it comes to your little ones can be challenging since by default, you want to do everything right and keep your baby safe and happy. Although there are known benefits of a pacifier, you need to weigh whether the disadvantages are worth to disregard.

Deciding whether to use the pacifier or not is a personal choice. Since you know your baby better than anyone else, you will certainly be in a position to make the right choice. If you choose to go for a pacifier, you must set some ground rule on how to use it.

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