Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk and Bottle Warmer Reviews

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Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk

Kiinde Kozii Breast milk and Bottle Warmer is a warming device that enables the warming of breast milk, milk formula and food stored in bottles or jars of varying sizes and shapes. It follows all the set standard criteria by the United States Department of Agriculture and The Center for Disease Control. This warming device is designed with a safe heat technology such that it will only warm to the desired temperature that is also nutrient friendly as it will not damage the nutrients in the food. It also has a timer knob so that you can set the time you want the warmer to warm the food and will automatically shut down.

User Guide

You may need to put into mind that before use the Kiinde Kozii Breastmilk you should never let it run dry because if it does it will shut down automatically.

• Place the device on a surface and plug in to a power circuit and add some water until it drains to the reservoir but make sure not to overfill it. The water should always be higher than the word “empty” in the warmer.

• Insert the jar or bottle of milk in the warmer and set the timer. But in case you may want to remove your meal before time you can turn the knob back to 0 and remove the milk after the water has stopped rising.

• When warming, the water level will begin rising, do not remove the meal until this water goes down and in case water is not rising during warming you could add some water to the device.


In case there is any spillage of food into the device you need to wipe the device. When cleaning the warmer always wipe its outer surface with a damp clean sponge or cloth. Add soapy water into the device and swirl the device. Then open the outlet to allow the soapy water to drain out. Do the same with clean water this time to rinse it until all the soap is out. But during all this ensure the Kiinde Kozii Breast is unplugged.



  • The Kiinde Kozii Breast milk and Bottle Warmer has been praised for being able to deliver quality service for both formula milk and breast milk and even frozen milk by warming equally without any discrimination or variations in heating quality.
  • It warms within the set time the milk and the water that rises during warming does not make a huge mess or spill so it may not affect the kitchen electric circuits if left for long or forgotten.
  • Many have praised for its ability to accommodate bottles of different shapes and sizes hence can work with almost any bottle.
  • It has a small size that is manageable, so it will not consume a lot of space of storage and hence it is space convenient around the house.



Some have complained of its slow time to warm which may be quite a nuisance especially if the child is crying as you will have to wait until it is done.


• It has a long-lasting reservoir that does not need you to constantly check the water level or add it.

• Has a timer that enables you known remaining time before your meal is ready as well as the set the duration you wish your meal to warm.

• It has an Auto Shut off that immediately shuts down the warmer when the set time is attained and it prevents your milk from overheating.

• Warming compartment that can accommodate jars, bottles, plastic bags and so on.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is it not advisable to warm breast milk by use of a microwave or steam?

The reason as to this is because research has shown that temperatures of 60C and above will destroy the vital antibodies and nutrients present in breast milk. They become destroyed hence the milk loses all its health values. Steam is at 100C so definitely will destroy the nutrients and despite the fact that a microwave may maintain at that temperature it normally creates small hot spots the milk which are higher in temperature than the recommended 60C which will definitely have been affected by the adverse temperatures.


So for whoever needs the best option for getting a device to warm milk for their children them then this will definitely be the best option.

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