Is It A Boy Or A Girl? Here Are 10 Fun Ways to Find Out

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Are you eager to know whether to buy pinks or blue baby clothes? Even if you take measures to figure out the gender of your unborn baby, there is still a chance that yourself surprised, except if you use an ultrasound scan. Below are some fun ways to predict whether it’s a boy or a girl. Keep in mind that accuracy is not guaranteed.

Breaking out
If your pregnancy has been characterized with a smooth skin glow, old wives’ tale state that you should paint the room blue! However, if you experience breakouts and plenty of skin issues, it is believed that the girl in you is trying to rob you of your glow.

Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at your breasts. If the right one is bigger than the left one, you are carrying a girl. On the other hand, if the left one is larger, it is a boy.

The Chinese gender chart
Consult the famous Chinese gender chart designed to compare the mother’s age, and the month conceived to determine the gender of your baby.

Those strong kicks are likely to be from a boy who is more energetic than girls’ .On the other hand; girls are calm and rarely give strong kicks.

Collect pee in a clean container and mix it with one tablespoon of drano. If it turns green, paint your walls pink. If it turns blue, it’s boy. Caution should be taken when using Drano as it is extremely toxic. Leave the experiment to your partner but if you must do it by yourself, have some gloves on.

Heading out
Before delivering your baby, check their head on the ultrasound scan image. If it is looks almost square shaped, it is a boy. If it has a rounder shape, it is a girl.

Swinging for the trees
Get a ring and a string. While lying on your back, have your partner hold the ring by the thread over your tummy. If it swings in circles, get ready for a girl. If it swings back and forth, then it is a boy.

Linea Negra
The dark line running from the pubic bone to the center of your belly is believed to be an indicator of the gender of the baby. If it stops at the belly button, it is a girl. If the line flows all the way to the ribs and chest, it is a boy.

Heart Rate
Of the heart rate is fast, you are likely to have a baby girl. On the other hand, if the heart rate falls below 140 beats per minute, you should start shopping some boy clothes. That is according to the old wives tale.

Boil a red cabbage and save water. Mix it with your urine in a clean container. If it turns pinks, you are carrying a girl. If it is purple, a baby boy is on the way.

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