How to Stop Your Baby’s Frequent Night Wakes

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Why do babies frequently wake up at night? Discussed in this post are the top 5 reasons for this behavior.

1. Having too high expectation for your baby
Every mother needs to constantly examine their expectation from their baby. It is common for newborns to frequently wake up at night. In fact, if your baby can sleep for three or more hours without waking up, they are living up to what is expected of them. Since you cannot correct their behavior, you need to adjust your expectations. However, if they seem to wake up after every two hours and not settling even after feeding, then you should be concerned. Swaddling, coupled with white noise might help. Remember to check and change the nappy. If several hours have passed since the last feeding, you might want to consider doing so.

2. He is hungry
After 5 months, it is common for babies to wake up more frequently for a late night feeding. Introducing midnight feeding will help them sleep more. After 6 months, babies wake up more often as the body demands certain Essential Fatty Acids that are only present in proteins. The milk can no longer supply them with this EFA’s. Introducing proteins inform of lamb, legumes, yogurt, cheese, chicken, and beans is recommended. Upon hitting 9 months, add some fish, nuts, and eggs, but after ensuring that your family has no history of allergic reactions to these foods.

3. He’s not getting enough sleep during the day
This might sound strange but if your little one is tired due to inadequate sleep during the day, chances are she will wake up frequently during the night. Ensuring that she gets sufficient sleep during the day will solve the problems at night. Be on the lookout for signals indicating that she needs some sleep during the day.

4. Feeling uncomfortable
If your baby is a good sleep who puts himself to sleep and suddenly wakes up more frequently at night, chances are he is hot. A room thermometer will help you maintain suitable room temperate at around 20 degrees Celsius. If the room is cool, a sleeping bag will come in handy. Check if your baby is teething as this is another common cause of discomfort. If your baby has also lost his appetite, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

5. A bad habit
If your baby is frequently waking up, it might be due to a newly acquired bad habit, especially if he has been fed, rocked, or must be soothed to sleep. To solve this problem, you must teach them how to self-soothe. Placing a dummy in his had might do the trick. Sleep coaching is crucial in teaching your baby to self-soothe.

Frequent waking at night is dreaded by new parents. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks that can be used to get your baby to sleep consistently at night. Keep in mind that, along with the way, you will have to put up with periods of disrupted sleep at night.

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