How to Start Weaning

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Weaning is a special time for your baby as you introduce them to new tastes and textures. With all the learning and experimentation, it is time to have some fun. Here are a few tips to start weaning your little one.

Weaning is about experimenting with new tastes
By now, your baby has drunk only warm milk for the last 6 months. After the mandatory 6 months of pure breastfeeding, it is time to introduce new tastes such as apples, pears, bananas, and carrots.

Weaning is a crucial stage of a baby’s development where they try out different tastes and textures. Although exciting for the baby, expect them to be a little delighted and surprised as they push food around the mouth trying to figure out whether to swallow or push it out. Weaning your baby means getting ready to spray mashed fruits on yourself and floor since not much of it makes it to the baby’s tummy. Here is how to start weaning your baby on the right foot.

Choose an ideal time of day
If your baby is sleepy, chances are they will not be in the mood for food. Weaning should start when they are awake, alert, and away from any distraction. The last thing you want is to be in a rush, which is why you should give it plenty of time.
Mothers need support regarding what to introduce to the baby and how to get them to eat different types of solid foods for the first time.

Weaning support
It is common for weaning mums to seek professional support to hack the weaning process. This support includes tips on how to introduce different solid food to the baby and how to select the best and nutritional foods for the little ones.

Choosing the right food for weaning
You can start with a smooth puree including fruits and vegetables such as pears, apples, carrot, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower. You might also consider ripe and well-mashed bananas which you can expect your baby to enjoy.
Experiment with a variety of finger foods such as soft fruits that your baby can easily pick up. Chop them into the size of your finger to make it easy for your baby to hold them. Avoid soft round foods such as cherry tomatoes and grapes that babies are known to choke on.

Start with small tastes
Start weaning with a few teaspoons of food. The food should be cool enough and must be tested before offering it to your baby.

Enjoy watching your baby learn
Expect the first mouthful to be pushed out since your baby is used to pushing their tongue forward when breastfeeding. In fact, it may take a while for them to get it right and push the tongue backward for the food to stay in their mouth and be able to swallow.

Make Weaning fun
When weaning your baby, creating a mess is part of it. Let your little one touch and hold the food and the spoon if they want to. If the first time does not work out, try another day. It is common for the baby to lack interest at first. However, you should never force them into it. Just wait and give it another day until it finally works.

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