How early can Babies Teeth come in?

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It is often said that a mother should wait till the baby’s first tooth comes in before she starts giving her solid food. Teething is a major milestone in a baby’s life and the parents look forward to seeing the first tiny tooth in their baby’s mouth. It is a moment of joy for everyone. However, some babies get cranky when they are teething as it usually hurts and they start chewing on almost anything they can get their hands on.

How early can babies teeth come in?
Well, many moms ask this question and the answer to this is around 4 to 7 months. Some babies start teething as early as 3 months and some wait till they are one year old or even older and they are known as late bloomers. However, it takes years to fill that mouth with tiny teeth, which are around 20 milk teeth. Usually at about 3 years of age, when the toddler becomes a preschooler, all these teeth show up.

They are fairly strong until about the age of 6 or 7 and this is when milk teeth start coming off to make room for actual adult teeth.

Technically, teeth begin developing when the baby is still in her mother’s womb.

These are called tooth buds and these are the foundations of your baby’s teeth. Very rare babies start teething as early as 2 weeks from the day they were born.

The second molars are the last teeth to come in. Teething is a natural process and it starts at its own time. There is nothing you can do to rush this process or have it completed before time.

Signs of teething
In any case, you should watch out for some definite signs of teething to make this process easier for your child. These signs include drooling, swelling of the gums, irritability, difficulty having sleeping, crankiness, and refusing food.

Some babies start biting at this age because they don’t know any other way to lessen the pain in their gums. It is best to give a pain killer to your kid if you think he or she has started teething.

It is hard to give an average time for teething because every child is different. If your baby is around 18 months old and still no sign of any tooth, you should consult with a doctor. Doctors usually ask to wait till 2 years but after that time it is an area for concern if no teeth have shown up.

Some babies do get fever or diarrhea during the time they are teething but it is not because of teething. You should watch out for any out-of-the-ordinary behaviour of your child like eating things thrown at the floor, which might not be very clean and healthy.

In such a case, they may get diarrhea and vomiting. If the fever persists for more than a day or two, you should see a doctor because it is definitely not due to teething.

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