Hospital bag checklist- 10 essentials for your hospital bag

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You have everything packed and ready to go for your new baby, but most of the mothers to be, forgot about packing the essentials for themselves. To help the mothers to be, here are some 10 essentials for your hospital bag that you might not think about.

1. Loose fitting clothes
Don’t even think for one minute that you will be able to wear your tight fitting clothes that you worn before you got pregnant. You must pack comfortable clothes that are loose fitting and with buttons in the front for breast feeding. And remember, your gown and slippers. You are going to need it.

2. Your pillow
You will need some rest in the hospital, and the pillows of the hospitals are really hard and uncomfortable. Having your own pillow that’s comfortable will make the hospital stay more bearable.

3. Maternity toiletries
Not every pregnant woman like the maternity pads, but you really are going to pack the maternity pads instead of the normal sanitary towels. Post – labour bleeding can be heavy and the normal sanitary towels won’t do the job. And don’t forget about the breast feeding bra. If you are going to breast feed, you must have at least two breastfeeding bras’s to make the breastfeeding better.

4. Your cell phone, camera and the chargers
This is very important stuff to pack. Not every pregnant woman thinks about these items as essential, but you are really going to take pictures of your newborn and you will want to call all your friends and family after the birth with the good news. And how are you going to do this without the chargers?

5. Snacks
Snacking in between labour pains, are not on the essential list of most woman, but labour can take hours and eating snacks for energy can be a life safer for you and for your partner. It is really important to keep your energy levels high and eating energy snacks will do the trick. Not all the hospitals have a snack bar. And you don’t want to send your partner to buy some while you might need him during labour.

6. Reading material and music such as CD’s or MP3 players.
You can be a few days in hospital and you will get bored. One can sleep just so many times. For the rest of the time, you want to past the time and reading or listening to music can keep you busy, while your baby is sleeping.

7. Going home outfit for you
You actually don’t want to go home with your big maternity clothes that you wear most of the nine months, but you’re going home outfit must still be loose fitted and comfortable. Especially if here is going to be family and friends waiting for you at home.

8. Normal day to day toiletries
Believe it or not, but there are woman who is forgetting their own toiletries, because they just think about what the baby might need and forget that they also must have the day to day toiletries. And don’t forget some makeup for the visiting hours. A woman needs to look and feel pretty, even after giving birth.

9. Lip balm
Lip balm is the one thing most women forget to put in the hospital bag. Your lips can dry out, because of the warm labour wards. And no one looks god with dry, cracked lips.

10. Sport drinks
The last, but not the least is sport drinks. Not every woman likes to eat energy snacks during labour, and drinking sport drinks will keep you hydrated and will help you in maintaining your energy levels.

It is not just the baby who needs some essential stuff in the hospital. You need some essential stuff too. And with these 10 essential tips, you can be assured that you do have everything you need in your hospital bag.

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