Early Pregnancy Signs you should know

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Tender Breasts
If your breasts feel swollen, tender, sore, or tingling, this is a sign that you might be pregnant. In the early stages of the pregnancy, breasts will fill bigger and even change in shape in preparation to produce milk. Expect them to become soft and very sensitive. However, these changes are not common in most women who have been on the pill.

Darker areolas
Hormonal changes cause the darkening of the areolas. This happens in preparation by the for breastfeeding.

Spotting is common a week after conception. You are likely to experience light spotting once the embryo attaches itself to the uterus. If you experience a light period, you might be pregnant.

Frequent urination and constipation
When pregnant, the uterus is pressed against the bladder, which explains the frequent urinations. The extra pressure coupled with intestinal changes will trigger constipation.

Endless fatigue
Feeling extremely tired is one of the early pregnancy signs to look out for. Fatigue is quite common among most women. If you are pregnant, expect to be totally fatigued from week 12 once the placenta forms completely.

Nausea is among the most common signs of pregnancy to look out for. This is brought about as a result of the chances in hormonal levels in the body. Nausea is worst in the morning (morning sickness) during the first quarter of the pregnancy. For some women, nausea is an all-day feeling to deal with.

Sensitivity to smell
Most women experience a heighten sense of smell as one of their early pregnancy signs. However, this does not always point to pregnancy. Sensitivity to smell is thought to be a protective mechanism that controls what women eat. Of all the early pregnancy signs, sensitivity to smell is just another pregnancy superpower.

Increases basal temperature
If you have been keenly monitoring your basal temperature, and increases of even one degree for a week or two should point to being pregnancy, especially after the dip temperature common during ovulation.

Missed period
Of all the signs of pregnancy known to man, missed period is the most obvious indicator of pregnancy. However, this is not always an indication of a coming baby. Other factors such as stress, diet, or an irregular cycle could be the reason behind a missed period. Always get tested before breaking the news to your loved one.

Unusual cravings
Cravings are an indication that your body is working hard to help the baby grow. It also explains why you need about 300 extra calories daily. It is common to find yourself craving for foods you do not usually fancy eating. Alternatively, you mind end up feeling hungry throughout the day.

Frequent migraine
Pregnancy can bring with it some serious and frequent migraine headaches. Women who experience hormonal migraines will get more of them in the early pregnancy stage. It is also common to experience something contrary to that and in fact enjoy some reprieve from the migraines you were anticipating.

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