Common Winter Ailments For Kids And Treatment

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Guarding your little one against common ailments is a full-time job that involves a great deal of effort. Winter brings with it tons of problems when their immune system takes a beating under the chilly cold nights. This is also the season characterized by the missing school due to winter ailments.

Fortunately, numerous measures can be undertaken to protect your baby and boost their immune system during the chilly days. Discussed below are some of the best treatments and preventive measures to keep your kids safe and healthy.

1. Give them Vitamin D to boost energy: The main reason why kids fall sick during winter is lack of vitamin D, which produced naturally in the body once, exposed to sunlight. During winter when winter is low, chances are that your kid might fight be having a hard time leaving the bed and producing hormones as well as neurotransmitters. Energy levels drop and so does hormone balance. This vitamin is available in supplement form and can be taken in form of tablets or oral spray. Taking carbs is yet another way to boost your baby’s energy levels during winter.

2. Boost your immune system through sleeping: This might sound strange but sleeping is an effective way to avoid colds during winter. Fortunately, getting your baby to sleep during winter is easy since it’s darker for longer. Keep them warm and wrapped up when it's chilly outside and they will have more energy to fight colds.

3. Get a daylight lamp: Besides Vitamin D and sleep, a daylight lamp might also help. Daylight lamps are alarm clocks that wake your kids up by growing brighter and producing a wavelength identical to that of the sun. This is a great way to keep your baby feeling fresh in the morning despite being dark outside. If you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the daylight lamp is a great way to treat your condition.

4. Use salt water for scratchy throats: If you are suffering from a sore throat, you can use a simple home remedy to get over your problem effectively. If either you or your kids are dealing with this problem, you can gargle some warm salty water to not only deal with the discomfort but also prevent any infections that might be more serious.

5. Use menthol on stuffy nose: If your kids are struggling with blocked noses, menthol might provide the much-needed relief. Menthol is known to be extremely effective in clearing blocked sinuses, which is common during the night. To use it, rub a small amount on the check and once they inhale the fumes, it will break up the mucus and blockage thus helping them to breath with ease.

6. Scarfs for Asthma: If any of your little ones suffer from asthma, you should be extremely careful when outside since it may trigger challenges in breaths. Wrap a warm scarf around the neck to avoid such problems.
Keep in mind that there are plenty winter ailments in kids out there during the winter season. These are just but a few of the common diseases for kids during winter.

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