Co-Sleeping: Amazing Facts from Fiction

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Snuggling your baby to sleep after a long day feels satisfying for every mother. It has for ages been known that co-sleeping with your little one strengthen the bonds, makes nursing easy, and at the same time create more time to cuddle your baby.
However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, and as most mothers believe, sharing your bed with your baby significantly increases the risk of Sudden Infant Dead Syndrome (SIDS). In this post, we will endeavor to explore the truths and the co-sleeping myths.

What is co-sleeping?
Simply put, co-sleeping is sleeping next to and in close proximity to your baby. This does not necessarily mean sharing a bed and includes a side-crib arrangement. In the past few years, co-sleeping has been a point of discussion drawing mixed opinions from parents and scholars alike. Discussed below are some of the common myths of co-sleeping that you need to know.

1. Co-sleeping is dangerous for your little one
It is common for first-time parents to be afraid of co-sleeping due to the risk described above. However, some experts are of the contrary opinion arguing that, sleeping next to your baby helps to protect them and that all you need to do is find a way to safely co-sleep. Using the right sleep aids, you can enjoy cuddling your baby for as long as you want.

2. Co-sleeping spoils your baby
Your bundle of joy has every right to be treated right and get as much cuddle time as possible. Co-sleeping does not mean that your baby will be spoiled. In fact, it is meant to help cuddle them, which is essential for their development.

3. Co-sleeping means your baby will never be independent
According to studies, co-sleeping helps babies grow less fearful and are therefore more likely to be independent compared to the non-co-sleeping babies. From a tender age, co-sleeping helps in arming the baby with the necessary support for them to be independent. This is a perfect way of supporting your bundle of joy. Your baby will respond to his surrounding in the same way her mother or caregiver would.

4. Babies should sleep alone at night
your baby needs to learn, grow, and develop their sense of distinction by hearing, listening as well as reacting to their mother or caregiver. With this in mind, giving your baby time to sleep along throughout the night can significantly alter their development. Besides, they will be sleeping alone for a greater part of their life; you do not have to rush it for them.

5. Co-sleeping mothers are irresponsible
Whether to co-sleep with your baby or not is a personal decision. It is not upon the community to make. It is upon you as the parent to decide what is best and safe for your little one. Keep in mind that parenting is a journey and there is never a one-size fit approach in raising your baby.

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