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Important things to consider before you buy first birthday dress for baby girls

There aren’t a whole lot of things more exciting than getting a chance to plan and throw the first ever birthday party for your baby girl.

These are the kinds of parties that get remembered for the rest of your life, the kinds of parties that mark a major milestone, and the kinds of parties that parents want to make just as perfect as humanly possible which inevitably involves trying to buy first birthday dress for baby girls that are as perfect as can be.

To help you out, we highlight three of the most important things you need to look for when you are getting ready to buy first birthday dress for baby girls. Remember these three core elements and you won’t have any trouble whatsoever getting your hands on the perfect outfit for your little bundle of joy to celebrate this momentous occasion!


Right out of the gate, you need to make sure that the fit and finish of the baby girl dress you are buying for your little lady is going to fit perfectly. It needs to give them plenty of room to move around without feeling restricted or confined, but it also needs to have enough room in it so that your baby isn’t uncomfortable and upset during the birthday party.

This can be a bit of a fine line to walk, to be sure, but you really need to work hard to hit that sweet spot as much as possible. If the dress is too tight, your baby is going to be irritated and the party is going to be ruined for that but if the dress is too big and too loose, it’s going to look silly (especially in photographs that you would have otherwise loved to treasure for the rest of your life).


When we are talking about a baby girl that is celebrating their first year of life we are still talking about a child who has very delicate skin that needs to be kept protected from the elements but also protected from irritants, allergens, and scratchy materials.

Make sure that the fabric you are choosing for this baby dress is soft, smooth, comfortable, and that it doesn’t use any dies or materials that might cause irritation or allergies to spark up. The dress should be pretty and festive, for sure, but it’s much more important that it isn’t going to make your little bundle of joy uncomfortable.


Finally, obviously going to be important to buy first birthday dress for baby girl outfits that are fashion-forward and celebratory.

You will, after all, only get one chance to celebrate this first birthday and this major milestone and you’ll want to make sure that your little one looks the part. She is likely going to be the center of attention for the photos taken at this event the kinds of photos that will be lifelong memories and heirlooms to give her when she is older and you’ll want to be sure that she looks are very best!

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