Breastfeeding and Losing Weight

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The Importance of Mom’s diet
Breastfeeding mothers need to think seriously about their diet. This focus should have really started during pregnancy when she was not only supplying nutrition to herself but to her little tummy lodger. Now if she is breastfeeding her newborn, she will have to consider the quality of her milk and her own well being, and it should be no surprise that these two factors go hand in hand.

Dieting to lose the extra weight after childbirth is the same principle as dieting any other time; eat healthy food in proper portions and you will lose weight. Even if you are a vegetarian you can still continue to maintain your personal code of ethics, get slim and feed nutrition to your baby. There is no secret to breastfeeding and losing weight.

Fruit and Vegetables
Whether a mother is vegetarian or not good nutrition is the cornerstone of staying healthy and losing weight. The inclusion of nuts, fruit, and vegetables in anyone’s diet will provide a healthy eating routine where a person can achieve a lasting sensible body weight. And by practicing this way of life, you will pass on a gift of lifelong health for your baby.

If you consider your daily diet to consist of 4 or 5 small meals with quality content, the rest is up to Mother Nature who will provide for you a healthy and lean body with far less visits to the doctor than your neighbor. Eat root vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruit and lots of fresh fruit juice; if not fresh, then the carton variety, which is healthier than the canned. For your nursing, the fruit and vegetables will supply you with vitamins and minerals and always supplement with vitamin C and B complex.

You can eat a little extra protein as this will stem any hunger and maybe provide a bit of oomph to your breast milk, or at least keep in balance with the fiber. Beans are a good source of protein, and of course chicken, turkey and lean beef. Here is a list which will provide extra protein to your meals:

• Tofu
• Hemp seed
• Nuts
• Eggs
• Peanut butter
• Legumes

Dairy Products
Breastfeeding and losing weight still requires calcium from dairy products. This, of course, is not only good for you but passed on to the baby it will provide for them strong bones; especially if you started to eat well and had plenty of calcium in the last trimester. Animal and vegetable milk (cow and soy) play a large part in the provision of calcium, and if there is a deficiency, there will be a supplement at the health store. Nevertheless, there is cottage cheese and yogurt that are good for protein as well as calcium.

Bready carbohydrates should be kept to a minimum and you should be looking at the healthy variety, not the type that turns to sugar after digestion. Change to whole wheat bread and dump all that white bread which is not good for anyone, but go a little easy on yourself if you are in winter and you have to suffer the cold for any reason.

Whole wheat pasta is a good choice over Durum wheat, which is fattening. When did you last see a skinny Italian? Besides, whole wheat pasta doesn’t taste any different with antipasto or bolognese sauce mixed in.

Trade your Potatoes or yams, which are healthier and contain a lot more fiber. Sweet potatoes are almost as good. You can even make fries with both if you use extra virgin olive oil.

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