Baby's first birthday: How to make the day unforgettable

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Baby's first birthday: How to make the day unforgettable

A fantastic day is coming up: A year ago, your little darling was born. Not only for you this is a reason to celebrate. A baby's first birthday is a milestone in family history.

Although your baby is still too young to understand why this day is so unique, you want to make her/his first birthday unforgettable. We will give you tips for a stress-free celebration, suitable gifts and much more.

Celebrating the 1st birthday: The guests
We recommend not to invite too many guests. This could be too much for the little ones. Mom and dad are essential caregivers anyway. Your baby should be not only the focus of the party but also the focus of the planning. So plan sleep and rest periods for your treasure.

Babys first birthday: Creating rituals
Rituals are particularly crucial for the little ones; they give them structures to which they can orient themselves. The first birthday is perfect for introducing birthday rituals. Maybe you remember what birthday routines you had in your childhood.

Of course, you can pass these on to your treasure. We have also collected some rituals for you to make the day unforgettable for you and your baby:

  • -Wake your baby in the morning with a birthday serenade.


  • -On the evening before your birthday, decorate the children's room door with balloons, garlands or streamers.


  • -Wake your birthday boy with a homemade, beautifully decorated muffin with a sparkler.


  • -Your baby will receive a homemade or purchased birthday crown or hat.


  • -Take a picture of the birthday boy and his guests every year so that you can make a small photo book after years.

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