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This is a new American innovated device currently in the market that has modernized and brought change to the ancient methods of preparing baby formula milk.

This is a new American innovated device currently in the market that has modernized and brought change to the ancient methods of preparing baby formula milk. With its adoption of modern standardized technology, it is able to mix the right amount of formula powder and water to the required temperatures and uniformity.It has enabled making of formula milk now to be one of the easiest and most enjoying tasks to do since just by pushing a button the machine will mix the formula and produce milk without bubbles. Not only has that it stored it in an airtight container so that you can give it to the child whenever they need it. It is very much compatible with bottles of different types and sizes as well as powder formula of varying types with which you can choose the amount of formula you desire to add. All this is; The Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker.


There is no difficulty in preparing the formula milk because you need not mixing or measuring all that is done automatically.


Has a unique mixing technology which has been patented. It is able to mix the formula and water to produce milk without bubbles and in the right consistency and temperatures.

Has temperature control, the mechanism that heats the water to the required temperature required for feeding babies 98C .

All brands of formula can be used to the machine.

Has an airtight storage that facilitates the storage of formula.


This device has been of great help to many and this was some of the reasons they gave as to that:

  • Within a short period of time it is able to measure heat and mete out the formula.
  • It will automatically mix together food after steaming it which is suitable for babies.
  • It automatically sterilizes the bottles by use of steam and even dries them.
  • Has a large reservoir capacity for holding the water.
  • The device has a polarized plug that helps reduce the risk of electric shock.



Based on reviews of various people this was found to be their major complains about the product:

  • One gets that the proportion of water is more than that of the formula in the mixture hence it does not produce a uniform mixture.
  • Its packaging to some people came with flaws.



It is recommended to regularly clean the steam tank this is in order to prevent the machine getting destroyed in any way because of the minerals deposited. But the number of times which you clean the device will depend on the type of water you use because this will determine the amount of mineral deposits in the tank.

Here is a simple procedure to use in cleaning it for maintenance purposes. Note before you begin cleaning the devices always unplug.

  •  Put almost half cup of vinegar and some water let it sit overnight.
  •  Empty the vinegar and water solution.
  •  Refill the steam tank with clean water, plug in the machine and run the steam cycle for around 10 minutes.
  •  Finally, let the steam tank cool and scrub it with a cleaning brush.
  •  Rinse using clean water in order to eliminate the remaining vinegar taste. Empty the tank and fill it with clean water before cooking.

User guide

  1. Insert the plug into the wall.
  2. Lift the water tank in order to remove it from the base.
  3. Remove the water tank cap and fill the water tank with clean water, Replace the cap.
  4. Turn the steam tank lid clockwise to close it Lock the water tank on the Base by pushing down firmly.
  5. Place the blade in a bowl by sliding it on the drives shaft without turning it and ensure you insert well before steaming.
  6. Add the desired ingredients to the bowl and close the lid securely by turning clock wise.
  7. But make sure that the safety tab on the bowl lid is fully inserted into the base otherwise the machine will not start.


– Always unplug before cleaning and clean the appliance before and after use.

– The bowl blade and bowl lid can be hand washed.

– To clean the water tank fill it with soapy water close it and shake it to empty the tank and rinse.

– To clean the steam tank remove it and wipe with a damp clean pad and never use an abrasive pad unless it is stainless steel Clean the drive shaft with a clean damp pad as well and always clean it with due care.


Most people usually post negative information and results about the product but at the end it normally turns out that they actually were the ones at fault since some of them even never read the guidelines on using the product hence do not get good results from the product.Also those complaining it produces watery milk usually have not cleaned well under the spout of the device.

Frequently asked question

Among the most asked questions include the reason as to why the water that is put in the reservoir always tastes like chemical. Most probable reasons could be because of the type of plastics one uses or lack of proper cleaning of the device after use.


Based on that together with the positive feedback from those who have used it this is the best machine to prepare formula milk with. It is the best garget any mother with a young child to own the Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Food Maker.

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