A Comprehensive Guide to Baby Manicure at Home

Baby manicure is imperative. You have to trim the tiny nails of your little one once a week at the least. Some babies would need a little trimming more than once a week. Whether you simply wish to smoothen the rough edges of the nails or you want to trim them to size so your baby does not accidentally scratch and hurt herself, you would have to master your manicuring skills. This is not the same as is the case with adults. Baby manicure at home can be a daunting experience, especially for parents who have little or no firsthand experience.

The Basic Rules of Baby Manicure at Home

The tool should be appropriate for your baby, of course depending on their age. Newborns or very young infants would be better off with an emery board instead of a pair of tiny scissors or clippers. Emery boards are also known as nail files. Newborns have extremely soft nails. It is easy to nick their skin while using a pair of baby scissors or clippers. A nail file or an emery board would be much safer and it would be effective too, perhaps not to the extent of a clipper or scissor but sufficient enough to get the job done. As your baby grows older, say from a few weeks to some months, you can begin using a nail clipper or scissors.

The other non-negotiable approach to a baby manicure at home is to get adequate help during the exercise. It is best to trim the nails of your baby when she is asleep. Sleep is your best friend as your baby is unlikely to move and you would have all the time in the world to focus on every little nail. You can even go for an aesthetic baby manicure at home when she is sleeping. Most parents indulge in such experimentations when their babies are sleeping. If your baby is awake, make sure you have someone to hold her hands steady as you go about doing the job. You may want your baby to be distracted during the process, perhaps by a person or some toys in action. Parenting is easy when it is a joint exercise and the same is true for a baby manicure at home.

The third rule is to go for a baby manicure at home after a shower. Nails are softer after a bath and this is true for adults and babies. If at all there is some problem, such as nicked skin or a little bleeding, just wash your baby’s fingers under normally cool water and hold a tissue against the spot to stop the bleeding. If the bleeding does not stop, you must immediately visit your doctor.

Baby Manicure at Home vs. Nail Salon

You may consider baby manicure at home or at a nail salon. Taking your baby to a nail salon frequently is not a pragmatic option. Your baby is unlikely to be at her most comfortable state at a salon the first few times. Some babies will find the experience exciting but others will not be so adventurous. Babies are unlikely to fall asleep whenever you need them to be at a nail salon. It is best to schedule baby manicure at home as per the normal daily routine of a child. It is unnecessary to hire a specialist at all if you can manage to find the time and patience to trim the nails of your baby. Of course, you would need a specialist if you want a special aesthetic baby manicure at home. You may want to beautify the nails of your little one at times.

Whether you do it yourself or you hire a specialist, you must always prioritize safety and focus on expertise. Not all manicurists or nail technicians specialize in baby manicure at home. Some may not have any experience of attending to children. Some may not offer their services at home. You would need to hone your own skills and explore the possibilities to find the best approach to a baby manicure at home. There is a plethora of information available online and you can very well train yourself in a jiffy if you are anyway accustomed with your own manicure and pedicure.

Use safe tools that are meant for babies. Use good, clean and organic products for beautification. Do not simply use whatever you have for your own manicure. Babies are oblivious of what they have on their fingers and hands. This is why you should not bandage the nicked part of your baby’s skin as she may suck on it and even be vulnerable to choking if it comes off and she tries to chew on it and swallow it. There are liquid bandages available. Find out everything you wish to know about baby manicure at home on

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