7 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

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You have carried the baby for 9 months and finally delivered a healthy and charming baby. Congratulations! You are now a super mom.

Welcoming a newborn is a joy like no other. However, nothing will leave you feeling down that the hearing your baby cry. It is normal to want to keep your child happy and taken care of. Unfortunately, new born cry a lot and in most cases, you cannot tell why.

Soothing a baby is not always easy. When the basic tricks such as patting them on their back or rocking them does not seem to work, frustrations will soon kick in. a crying baby can put you on an edge. Here are a few ways to sooth a baby.

1. Mirrors
Soothing a crying baby after feeding them, changing diapers, and trying to put them to sleep is extremely frustrating. By now, you have tried everything but nothing seems to work. It is time to try a little stimulation to calm the baby.
Babies too get bored and fussy. Placing them in front of a mirror will help soothe them. This is a secret kept for generations. When they look at themselves in the mirror, they perceive their reflections to be another baby.

2. White Noise
White noise helps clam the baby even in the womb. Playing white noise will help calm a fussy baby allowing you to sleep. Newborns miss the warmth and the serenity of the womb, which makes them extremely fussy. You can calm them down by reminding them of your womb with the white noise. When using this technique, be cautious of the volume level. In fact, place the source of the noise far from the baby’s crib.

3. Tummy time
Babies cry when feeling uncomfortable. Unfortunately, figuring out the source of the discomfort is not easy. In most cases, the discomfort could be from having gas. If the baby seems to be trying to push while crying, stuck gas could be the problem. You can get rid of the gas by giving them some tummy time. To do this, turn the baby onto their tummy for a few minutes at time to help them pass gas and ultimately feel better.

4. Bath Time
Warm water helps sooth a baby by making them feel relaxed and less tense. Keep in mind that hot water will hurt your baby. This techniques works best when using a warm rag and gently wiping their head. Make bath time followed by nap time is an indication that your baby could be crying due to exhaustion. You might also consider using lavender scented bath soap to help calm your baby.

5. Record your voice
Keep in mind that this technique works best for babies above 3 months. Hearing a mother’s voice keeps the baby relaxed and as if their mother is with them. Record your voice and play it when your baby starts crying and off once they sleep. With newborns, gently swaying them helps to recreate the motion in the womb. Alternatively, you can hold them close for skin-to-skin contact, which helps to sooth a crying baby.

6. Use a fan
Changes in body temperature could be reason why your baby is crying. While it is okay to bundle up your newborn, crying could be an indication that they are unbearably hot. If they are sweating, you can use a fan on low speed placed in the middle of the room to create a cool breeze and improve on ventilation. The noise generated by the fan also helps put the baby to sleep.

This technique is discouraged for babies who hate being swaddled or having blankets on them. Keep in mind that what works for one baby might not work for another.

7. Use Pacifiers
If every other trick fails to cam your crying baby, sucking on a pacifier might work. If your baby is teething, the pain and urge to scratch the itchy gum could be the reason they are fussy. A pacifier of a teething ring will help scratch the itch and ultimately calming them down.

With the 7 tricks above, you will know what to do when your baby starts crying. If one technique does not work, move on to the next until you figure out what could be troubling your baby. 

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