5 Things That Babies Do and Why?

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Understanding your baby’s weird habits is extremely important. Keeping in mind that their nervous system is still developing coupled with lack of life experience and a still-developing brain, your baby is not socially aware. As such, it is common for babies to do things that do not make sense to us. Discussed in this post are some of the weird things that your baby is likely to do and why they do it.

1. Touching
If your baby is touching himself, especially down there, he is telling you that he needs a diaper change. However, if this behavior continues while changing the diaper, what could be the problem? After attaining the age of 7 months, babies tend to play with their genitals, a behavior that is driven by their urge to learn and explore with their hands. If you are uncomfortable with his new habit, providing distraction may help. Give him a toy or anything else to focus on.

2. He thinks he can fly
Babies have a defensive strategy against falling or being dropped. Whenever they sense that is falling or is startled, chances are that he will fling his arms out as though he can fly.

This is a clear indication that their nervous system is developing as expected. However, this tends to push their breathing and heart rate high as they sense oncoming accident. Fortunately, this reflex will soon subside after he’s three months old.

3. Taking a stand
After the 10th month, babies hit a cool milestone whereby they grab on objects and pull themselves up on their feet. While this is a good thing, they are yet to figure out how to sit by lowering their butt down slowly and in coordinated movements.

Although you might feel tempted to offer a hand, do not be hasty to get his off his feet since sitting is a skill he has to learn all by himself at some point. It is less likely that they will hurt themselves due to their comfortable diapers that provide perfect padding.

4. Uneasy
One minute, he is calm the next, he is trembling. This is an indication that his nervous system is still developing. Babies are not good at controlling their movement which result is the jerks. They are simply maturing.

Always check their hand to see if they are feeling cold. Unlike grownups who shiver when feeling cold, baby quiver much harder since they are relatively thin and lack adequate padding to keep their body temperature in check. Adding an extra clothing layer will help. However, if they tremble more often while crying, see a pediatrician.

5. Endless hiccups
There is no known cause of infant hiccups. However, it is said that, since their breathing and swallowing abilities are not fully synchronized, they tend to both at the same time thus setting off the hiccups. As they struggle to get things together, the hiccups might last longer than in adults. To offer him some relief, give him a bottle.

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